Workshops and Retreats

Jan. 23 – 26, 2019: Northwest Yoga Conference

2/24/20 – 4pm: Use Your Words: Hands Off Assisting

Teaching students asana and about their bodies is a delicate balance between tedious and a “safe space” for all students. Not every cue lands exactly how you want in a group setting. While you cannot keep everyone safe in every class, you can teach students how to adjust themselves through simple, creative cues in the flow of class. Learn to guide students with self-adjustments and mindful techniques that create “a-ha’ moments without the need of hands-on assisting. Create an individual experience in a group class of any size filled with plenty of dynamic movement. A variety of techniques will be practiced through a simple asana practice.

Feb – Nov 2020: 200 Hour Teacher Training, 10 Weekend Intensives

Source Yoga in Tacoma is taking applications for their 200-hour teacher training in 2020. Whether you wish to learn more about your personal practice or share your knowledge through teaching others, Source Yoga’s training will provide strong foundational alignment in conjunction with mindful meditation.  As part of the faculty, Suzanne is teaching applied anatomy.

Yin Yoga Sound Bath with Aimee Serene

Unwind with the glorious mix of yin yoga accompanied by a live sound bath. A long-held, deep yin flow guided by Suzanne Hite releases stress by reducing tension in the tight parts of your body. The harmonic tones created by Aimee Serene will deepen relaxation and enhance your transformation.

Can’t be missed combination!

Recommended: mat, towel, water, yoga blocks or bolsters. The room is not hot.

$40 before 2/28/20 $45 at the door